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November 7th, 2007 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sooke Harbour House
Potlatch Room


There are many formal and informal definitions of food security. For the purposes of this project ’food security’ can be defined as “a situation in which all community residents obtains a safe, culturally acceptable, nutritionally adequate diet through a sustainable food system that maximizes self-reliance and social justice.

A ‘sustainable food system’ can be described as a food system that improves the health of the community, environment and individuals over time, involving a collaborative effort in a particular setting to build locally based, self-reliant food systems and economies.”

A local ‘food system’ can be described as “one in which food production, processing, distribution, consumption, and disposal of end products are integrated to enhance the environmental, economic, social and nutritional health of a particular community and place”

(Andrew Moore)

What is it?
A vision is an ideal that we can project into the future and work towards achieving.
‘A picture in which everyone can see themselves’.
A vision expresses all that is important to an individual or group e.g.
Potential, Aspiration, Interests, Values, Dreams, Roots

Why do we need one?

If you do not have a strong vision of where you want to go you will probably end up being a bit player in other people’s visions.
Once we have a vision we can share it with others and see if they too can see themselves in this picture.
Visions and values form the basis for developing goals and objectives that when implemented turn the vision into a reality

Transforming any idea into a reality is usually 10% Inspiration, 90% Perspiration

Visioning is one of the ‘inspiration’ components so do not miss the chance, otherwise you may end up with the 90% ‘perspiration’ components - carrying out someone else’s vision!


VIHA’s Community Food Action Initiative (CFAI):

The Vancouver Island Health Authority’s (VIHA) Community Food Action Initiative (CFAI) is part of the Healthy Eating component of ActNow BC. The purpose is to increase food security in BC by supporting the implementation of community, regional and provincial initiatives that improve access to healthy foods for all members of the community. They have awarded us with $10,000 to help fund our Community Food & Health Action Plan (Please see below objectives. If you have not send the CFAI funding proposal please let me know and I will email it to you).

Region of Focus:

From East Sooke to Port Renfrew (including all communities within this geographical area: East Sooke, Beecher Bay, Sooke, Shirley, Otter Point, Jordan River, Pacheedaht and Port Renfrew).

Project Objectives:

To initiate, support, and enhance the collaboration between a broad range of community members, decision-makers, and key stakeholders to develop the regional Food & Health Action Plan.

To provide the community with clear, accessible and relevant information on the assets and needs related to the local food system.

For the community to prioritize areas for improvement and develop next steps for achieving priorities.

To strengthen the link between community needs and government decision-making by providing elected officials and local planners with relevant and useful information to inform land-use planning.

Actions & Time Line:

Kate Kittredge will speak to this.

Additional Funding Sources (to supplement VIHA’s $10,000):

a. District of Sooke ($5000 grants in Aid)
b. VanCity (funding CASA’s community kitchen to upgrade to a commercial/ community kitchen).
c. Unlocked NDP funds (Sinclair?)
d. United Way
e. Victoria Foundation
f. Vancouver Foundation
g. Canadian Organic Growers
h. Ministry of Agriculture & Lands
i. First Nations Agricultural Lending Association
j. Corky Evans & Kathleen Gibson (funding resources?).


FUNDING (from September – December):

Members: Kate Kittredge, Phoebe Dunbar, Ellen Anderson, Andrew Moore, Amy Rubidge.

Tasks: Research available funding sources (see above suggestions), write proposals, and secure funding for an additional $20,000-$25,000 for the Community Food & Health Action Plan.


Members: Jessica Boquist, Mary Alice Johnson, Sinclair Philip, Toni Tata, Marlene Barry (?), Mary Dunn (?)

Tasks: Engage with and create an inventory of potential project partners including all aspects of the Food System (i.e.: producers, distributors, stakeholders, families, youth/students, marginalized populations, those participating in the hidden economies, etc.); keep recruited project partners informed and engaged with the process (without needing to become a part of the steering committee).


Members: Kathryn Kusyszyn, Amy Rubidge, Tracy Kelly, Kate Kittredge, Marlene Barry (?),

Tasks: Educate the community, media, decision-making bodies (i.e.: government), stakeholders, etc. about what we are doing and why, what our values are, when our focus groups are, etc. Idea: screen films locally educating the public about food security issues (regionally, nationally, globally); food security calendar, etc..

NOTE: It is important to align with the District of Sooke as they revise their Official Community Plan. Because there will be a new Food Security component to the OCP we will need to closely connect with them and keep them informed of the outcomes from our community engagement (through our focus groups, forum, etc.).


Hiring of Project Coordinator (Late Fall):
Tasks: Develop job description; Interview & hire Co-ordinator; Orient to job and expectations.
Focus Groups: Organize the development and implementation of at least 6 community focus groups.

Food Resource Inventory
Community Forum
Final Report Writing

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