Sunday, January 25, 2009

Illegal Tree Cutting in Central Saanich ~ Appeal for HELP by Sue Stroud:

We need help from everyone before we lose all the urban trees in Central Saanich. Yesterday a swathe of lovely large cedars was clearcut near Keating and Kirkpatrick in Central Saanich by a local businessman who lost his bid to expand the industrial zone during the recent OCP review. He is now cutting trees to see how far he can push the Council.

These were large healthy trees under which the local deer population sheltered and gave birth. The cutting was done in violation of our newly updated, but very weak tree bylaw and a Stop Work order was posted too late.

We need everyone in the region to protest this cut, to go see this cut and to demand that Central Saanich guarantee that no one can profit from illegal tree cutting, bylaw infractions etc. There can be no more "whoops, I'm sorry" excuses.

Please write to Mayor and Council at asap!

More information will follow shortly including pictures. It was heartbreaking looking at the bewildered deer who stood across the road staring at what had been their safe habitat.

Sue Stroud


Meet at JJ's Friday's at 7pm

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