Monday, January 11, 2010

Answering William

Will, having helped to re-elect Gordon Campbell, you obviously support a collaborationist approach to environmental progress that is utterly incomprehensible anathema to most people who recognize the emergency of the global ecological catastrophe. Obviously, you're very comfortable in your wonderful career as Dogwood CEO, ~you're feeding your family, you're hobknobbing with rich and famous politicians and you've just got to feel good about yourself and the importance of what you're doing. So that's why you can understand why someone like Tzeporah Berman would shoulder her way through a 100,000 climate change activists, waving banners saying "System Change, not Climate Change" in order to issue the chief proponent of the Enbridge Gateway Dirty-Oil Pipeline, namely Gordon Campbell, with her award for "Environmental Leadership." That's why you don't have a problem with Andrew Weaver blatantly exploiting his Nobel Prize to help get Campbell elected. And that's why you can't understand why anyone would be opposed to your approach.

But the 100,000 people outside the tent at Copenhagen know that someone like Gordon Campbell does not deserve any such award. They know that Gordo, as he explained in his press release, followed Stephen Harper to Copenhagen to "support the federal government position," and they know full well about Canada and its filthy dependence on the hideous dirty-oil tar-sands. They know the danger and futility of quisling, collaborative environmental organizations like Dogwood, which purport to battle Gordon Campbell's Pipeline, while their CEO, -namely yourself- goes around trying to get Campbell re-elected.

It is simply incomprehensible, that as environmentalists who have watched with abject horror, shame and outrage the appalling depredations of Gordon Campbell against the British Columbia environment, that anyone could consider supporting that sort of ecological criminal.

The 100,000 people outside the tent at Copenhagen represent a significant critical mass that will overwhelm the corrupt politcial structures that have allowed horrible troglodytes like Gordo to destroy our planet. I have at least some modicum of confidence that these educated and enlightened masses will continue to gather in strength and will do an end-run around the corrupt BAU political world that you live in. I have utterly zero confidence Gordon Campbell or in your collaborationist approach. On our dying planet, you can choose to work with Gordon Campbell and your greenwashing compatriots within the BAU systems, but I'd rather work with the enlightened masses outside the tent. They are, at least, a heck of a lot more fun to be with...

Cheers, Ingmar

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