Friday, April 19, 2013

Breaking: Watertown Firefight

Breaking: Watertown Firefight

by Lori Price - CLG

Breaking: Explosions, gun battle in Watertown, Mass. --Witness: Police 'suiting up with machine guns' --Multiple explosive devices -- including hand grenades -- are on scene --Explosions heard --Watertown 'on lockdown' --Multiple police agencies descending on Watertown 19 Apr 2013 (Wires) [This story will be updated.]

Breaking: Police search for suspects after gunfight outside Boston; explosives reportedly detonated --Dozens of officers and National Guard members descended on Watertown early Friday - Associated Press 19 Apr 2013 Police in Watertown, Mass., reportedly were in a gun battle with two suspects who may have been involved in the shooting death of an MIT police officer early Friday. Local news reports said the suspects had thrown and detonated explosives from their car. An FBI official told Fox News early Friday that one person was in custody and an officer was down but said it was too early to tell if the police activity in Watertown or MIT shooting were related to the Boston Marathon bombing.

Police officer shot to death at Massachusetts Institute of Technology --Campus-wide emergency alert issued 19 Apr 2013 A police officer for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was shot to death on Thursday night at the school's Cambridge campus, authorities said, adding no suspects were in custody. MIT police were investigating the shooting and had issued a campus-wide emergency alert. Massachusetts State Police and Cambridge police said they were assisting in the investigation. The shots "were reported near Building 32...which is currently surrounded by responding agencies," MIT said in an emergency statement warning students to "stay indoors and away from the area."

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