Friday, May 17, 2013

Obama's War on Whistleblowers Ups the Ante with AP "Attack"

Seizure of AP Phone Records Continues Obama Admin's Attack on Whistleblowers


Mark Seibel (McClatchy Newspapers): Seizure of a news organization's phone records should be illegal as it limits the ability of journalists to investigate and report - something guaranteed by the Constitution.
Mark Seibel oversees McClatchy's foreign bureaus as Chief of Correspondents. Mark was formerly Managing Editor Online for the McClatchy Washington Bureau's website. He joined the bureau in 2003 as the editor in charge of international and national security coverage from The Miami Herald, where he directed two Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting efforts, expanded the reach of the paper's International Edition, and oversaw the paper's independent review of ballots from the 2000 presidential election. 

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