Thursday, April 24, 2014

Teen-Killing Toronto Police Officer Returns to Work

Friends, family and supporters of Sammy Yatim respond to Constable James Forcillo returning to work

by SammysFightBackForJustice

TorontoFriends, family and supporters of Sammy Yatim are issuing a statement in response to Constable James Forcillo’s return to active police duty at Toronto Crimestoppers.

“We are extremely disappointed that a police officer charged with second degree murder of which there is ample video evidence is being allowed to return to duty. Forcillo is charged with a crime, how can he possibly work for Toronto CrimeStoppers?”
“Police officers must bear more responsibility for murder, not awarded with a paid vacation for seven months, followed by a desk job.”

Sammy’s Fightback for Justice is calling for a rally and march on Sunday, April 27th, at 1230pm, starting at Toronto Police Headquarters.

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