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NATO and Turkish Complicity in the Massacre of Armenians at Kassab

The Massacre of Armenians at Kassab, Syria under the support of the Republic of Turkey

by Lilly Martin

Latakia and Kassab, Syria - At 6 am. on the morning of March 21, 2014 armed terrorists came streaming into Kassab, Syria over the Turkish border. The Army of the Republic of Turkey fired heavy cannons to assist in the initial breaching of the international border. They also provided satellite information.

The weapons used by the terrorists were all provided by the United States of America, from their personal warehouses at Benghazi, Libya. This was the “Rat Line” which Seymour M. Hersh wrote about on April 6, 2014. The vehicles used also came from the US warehouses.

All of these weapons and vehicles were the property of the Libyan government under Muamar Ghadafi. Once USA and NATO completed their regime change there, the US had possession of everything, and it was just a matter of time that the stuff was transferred to the Port at Iskenderun, Turkey.

March 21, 2014: the Kassab, Syria international border crossing with Turkey. Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists with the Free Syrian Army and the black flag of Radical Islam.

Kassab is a tiny Syrian village of 2,000 inhabitants who are ethnically Armenians. They are the descendants of the survivors of the first genocide of the 20th century, when in 1915 the Turkish government exterminated 1.5 million Armenian Christians, among other ethnic groups.

Now, after almost 100 years, the Turkish government are again targeting and singling out for extermination the Armenian Christians. History repeats itself in blood.

The Republic of Turkey is almost exclusively Muslim. Christians were forced to flee as refugees, never to return, or be killed. Many were slaughtered. Churches were made into museums: sectarian cleansing.

March 2014, Hotel Rowda is used at the Al Qaeda headquarters in Kassab, Syria.

April 2014, the Radical Islamic terrorists say their prayers on the beach at Samra, Syria on the Turkish border near Kassab, Syria.

The terrorists in Kassab were not Turkish. They were from various nationalities, but all united under the black flag of Radical Islam, which is not a religion, or sect, or faith based, but strictly a political ideology, devoid of any humanity or the peace and love of Islam. These Radical Islamic terrorists are in fact the Anti-Islam, designed to humiliate Muslims globally. They came from Afghanistan, and spoke no Arabic, they came from Britain and spoke only English, and their Australian cousins were along for the ride, as well as Moroccans, Tunisians and the Turkoman.

March 2014, the Moroccan brigade of Al Qaeda affiliates as they attack Kassab, Syria

The Turkoman are a Central Asian ethnic group. These specific terrorists were Syrian citizens and could speak Arabic as well as their native tongue, Turkish. The Turkoman were full Syrian citizens, with equal rights. They left well paid government jobs in Syria, as well as lovely and valuable farms, homes and industrial property. These Turkoman all left Syria during the 2011-2012 period, after the crisis in Syria began. They all left at the same time, as if it was an orchestrated event. Now, we know it was. They all went to Turkey. They were promised, and received large monthly paychecks, more than some had ever made in Syria. The paychecks were given to them monthly in Turkey by an official of the Saudi Arabian government. The beginning paychecks were 2,000 US dollars per month. This was at least double the paycheck of many Turkoman working in Syria.

March 2014, these are Free Syrian Army and their Al Qaeda affiliates fighting under the flag of Turkey, at Kassab.

The Turkoman knew personally every farm, home and business in Kassab. They knew the roads, trails and foot paths going into Syria and going out to Turkey. They knew everything, because they were Syrians. They made the choice to betray their country, and to work for Radical Islam and the supporters of Radical Islam, which are: Saudi Arabia, United States of America, Qatar, Turkey, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Germany.

They made a choice to stand with their religious sect against their neighbors, friends, co-workers and classmates in Syria. They had no patriotism, only a religious identity.

When the terrorists burst into Kassab the unarmed civilians were still asleep. They burst into each home and asked the same question: where are your weapons? The people of Kassab had no weapons. Healthy people could run: they threw kids and ladies into the available cars and drove away to Latakia, to safety. Some residents were shot and killed immediately, without reason. One young man of 21 yrs of age was slaughtered in front of his father, just for the sheer fun of watching the father’s reaction. The father begged the terrorists to please allow him to quickly bury his son, before leaving Kassab. The killers refused. It was so much pleasure to see the father’s face, and it was even more pleasure to take the body away, and refuse the father his request of a burial. These were special terrorists: they were straight from the devil.

The survivors who were able to run, or drive away, made it finally to Latakia, and they were sheltered at the Armenian Church, which was originally built as a refugee camp for the survivors of the first Turkish genocide of Armenians.

However, there were a number of elderly residents who were unable to move quickly. The terrorists rounded up these 22 elderly folks, some men and some women, and incarcerated them in a cold room. They were mistreated for 12 days, in which they suffered greatly, all the while watching from the windows as Turkoman men in civilian clothes went house to house looting. They stole every refrigerator, stove, TV and washing machine. They stole video games, DVDs, CDs, dishes, pots and pans. The terrorists stole money and 21 carat gold jewelry. The Turkomans used large commercial vans to transport all the various appliances and goods to Turkey and those items now fill the stores in Turkey, from Antakya to Iskenderun. The Syrian TVs from Kassab are offered for 5 US dollars each in Turkey. They stole every farm tractor and most farming equipment in Kassab. Everything stolen was taken to Turkey to be sold.

The 22 kidnapped Syrians repeatedly asked to be allowed to join their friends and relatives in Latakia. It would have been so easy to simply have called the Syrian Red Crescent to come and fetch the elderly people. The decision was made in Ankara, by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to kidnap the 22 Syrians and transport them to Turkey against their will. In fact, they were even told they were going to Latakia, but along the road the elderly people could see they were going the opposite direction.

They were held against their will in a small village 23 kilometers north of Kassab named Vakifli, Turkey. They were held there almost 3 months and everyday they begged to be released. Finally, after almost 3 months of suffering they were allowed to leave Turkey and they were dropped off in Lebanon, then to face the grueling ordeal of making their way through Al Qaeda check points in Tripoli, Lebanon on the way to Latakia, Syria.

June 16, 2014: this is an ambulance used by terrorists in Kassab to transport terrorists back to Turkey for medical help. This ambulance was originally owned and operated by the Spanish government of Castilla y Leon. This ambulance was procured at some point by the terrorists, perhaps it was shipped from Libya by USA on the Rat Line to Turkey.
April, 2014: The President of the Syrian National Coalition, Ahmed Jarba toured the occupied and devastated village of Kassab, Syria. He was accompanied by Free Syrian Army terrorists and their Al Qaeda affiliates.

May 2014: Washington, DC. Ahmed Jarba meeting with President Barack Obama and Susan Rice. President Ahmed Jarba is the leader of the Free Syrian Army, who has pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda, and all affiliates.

Ahmed Jarba meeting with the Foreign Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davotoglu. The Republic of Turkey assisted the Al Qaeda terrorists as they attacked, massacred and occupied Kassab, Syria. The supreme leader of Turkey, Erdogan, personally gave the order to kidnap 22 elderly Syrian Christians and take them to Turkey.

May 7, 2014: Ahmad Jarba, the President of the Syrian National Coalition, which is the US backed opposition to the Syrian President Assad, had been to Washington, DC personally to ask for more weapons for his armed wing, called the Free Syrian Army, who are fighting the Syrian Arab Army.

President Jarba insisted that the US weapons would not fall into the wrong hands, by which he refers to Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria. He confirmed that the Free Syrian Army had already received weapons in the past from the US government, and now needed more.

While in Washington, DC Pres. Jarba met with Pentagon military leaders, the US Congress, Sec. of State John Kerry and personally with Pres. Barack Obama, at the White House.

While in USA asking for weapons, and promising that they would never be shared with Al Qaeda, the US State Dept. upgraded the status of Pres. Jarba, and the SNC and FSA, to diplomatic status, and confirmed $27 million dollars of additional aid to the group. Along with diplomatic status came official offices to conduct affairs in Washington, DC and New York City, paid for by the United States of America.

On June 15, 2014 the Syrian Arab Army freed Kassab. The terrorists went back over the border to their safe haven there. The Turkish government supports and aides the Radical Islamic terrorists in their midst. The Turkish citizens and residents have been suffering for 3 years under this decision to support and shelter Al Qaeda and all the various forms of Al Qaeda, such as: Free Syrian Army; Jibhat al Nusra; Islamic Front; Muslim Brotherhood. Now they have to deal with ISIS.

All of these various terrorist groups are the same, just different names. They are all from one exclusive religious sect, and they all are on the same payroll and taking the same orders. The Turkish people went into the streets to protest, but 10 of the protesters were killed by the police, and now they are too afraid to complain. The Turkish government is watching Facebook and has turned off YouTube access and has shut down the internet before. The Erdogan government is brutal and repressive and does not tolerate complaints from citizens.

The terrorists burnt houses, businesses and the churches as they left in defeat. When I got to Kassab the church was still smoldering. The exterior of the church was in good condition, proving that the damage was not from any battles, or missiles, it was deliberately set on fire from inside by the terrorists. The Erdogan government has issued statements that the attack on Kassab was not religious and that no churches or religious property was damaged. That is a lie.

June 16, 2014: Kassab, Syria. The church was burned from inside deliberately upon retreat of the Al Qaeda terrorists, along with the Free Syrian Army.

As of June 26, 2014 the residents of Kassab are still not able to go back home. It is true the drive is just 1 hour from their shelter at Latakia, and an easy drive at that, but Kassab is in such a total state of destruction, some may not be able to return for a very long time. Homes, Churches, businesses are all destroyed. Burnt up from inside without reason: except for the love of destruction. What devils are these terrorists?

The electricity wires were all cut, the water supplies sabotaged. The simple farmers and retired people of Kassab cannot return home until the basic services are restored. They must plan on expensive and extensive repairs. It could be years before normal life resumes in Kassab. Meanwhile, the Turkish citizens enjoy complete peace, safety, prosperity and success.

Where is the justice?

International justice and human rights are something which we must all laugh at and ridicule. These words and values are meaningless as long as the most advanced countries on earth, such as USA and others are supporting and complicit in the massacres of Kassab.

We cannot blame terrorists who represent no specific country, we must place the full blame on the governments and leaders of those countries who have signed the agreements to destroy Syria and to rape, maim and kill the unarmed civilian population of Syria: Abdullah al Saud, Barak Hussein Obama, David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Giorgio Napolitano, Recip Erdogan, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abdel Fatah Sissi, Tamim al Thani, and Abdullah al Hashemi. These are the names of the true terrorists who destabilize our globe.

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