Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pilger on Censorship, Propaganda, and the New Cold War

John Pilger Speaks on Censorship and the New Cold War

by New Cold

Four weeks ago on December 20, filmmaker and award winning journalist John Pilger spoke for 20 minutes with Afshin Rattansi, host of Russia Today‘s program Going Underground.

They talked about the headdline events of the year, notably the revelations of the torture regime that is operated by the CIA and the U.S. government, the crisis in Ukraine and the growing economic, political and military offensive agaisnt Russia and China.

John Pilger with Afshin Rattansi Dec 20, 2014

The interview followed by several weeks the speech delivered by Pilger to the inaugural, annual conference of the Center for Investigative Journalism., on December 5. He was the featured speaker at the conference’s Logan Symposium. You can view or read that speech here on New Cold

John Pilger is crowdfunding for his new documentary film project, ‘‘The Coming War between America and China’, about the perceived threat to the US from China’. Read more about the film and the crowfunding appeal here on John Pilger’s website.

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