Sunday, October 23, 2016

Nathan E Stewart Aftermath: Heiltsuk Tribal Council Fundraising to Clean Up Oil Spill

Support Heiltsuk Efforts in Diesel Spill

by Heiltsuk Tribal Council

October 23, 2016
In the wee hours of October 13th, the Nathan E. Stewart, a tug and US-based diesel barge, ran aground just north of Bella Bella.

While the barge has been secured and towed to safety, the tug sank late on the morning of the 13th. Of the 60,000 gallons of diesel fuel on board, less than 7,000 gallons were pumped before the tug went down. Subsequent efforts to recover fuel from the sunken tug are ongoing.

See video here.

Community members have been on scene from dawn to dusk every day to lay boom and assist with cleanup efforts. The lag in early response and difficulties with coordination and weather have created ripple effects resulting in ongoing complications with fuel recovery.

Heiltsuk have been vocal about marine shipping issues and the hazards posed by vessels of this nature. Community members have made it clear that a spill was inevitable - it was only a matter of time.

Tragically, the community has been proven right.

The Heiltsuk are now conducting our own investigation into the diesel spill.

Your contributions will help cover costs the Kirby Corporation does not.

Your donation will go toward helping us conduct cultural impact interviews, traditional food harvest interviews, and help us obtain video and photo documentation to find out what went wrong.

Your thoughts, prayers, and moral support are equally valued and appreciated.

The decision to open a new fundraising page is a response to your requests that we reopen a space for further donations.

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