Monday, June 05, 2017

'Blame Russia' Narrative Much Deeper than Clinton Election Loss

Blaming Russia Goes Deeper Than Hillary Clinton and the Democrats 


June 5, 2017

Hillary Clinton continues to at least partly blame alleged Russian meddling for her loss to Donald Trump. This week she said, "Russia didn't just target her campaign, but the entire country."

The claim Russia is influencing US politics with White House help won't go away. But a rarely asked question is why there is such an adversarial US relationship with Russia in the first place. Well a new book explores this question. It's called "The Plot to Scapegoat Russia: How the CIA and the Deep State have Conspired to Vilify Putin." The book's author is Dan Kovalik, human rights and labor attorney.

As Hillary Clinton blames the Kremlin for her election loss, author and attorney Dan Kovalik argues that anti-Russia sentiment is deeply embedded in the U.S. political establishment. Kovalik's new book is "The Plot to Scapegoat Russia: How the CIA and the Deep State Have Conspired to Vilify Russia." 

Hillary Clinton said:

"Look, I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that's not why I lost. So I think it's important that we learn the real lessons from this last campaign because the forces that we are up against are not just interested in influencing our elections and our politics. They are going after our economy and they're going after our unity as a nation."

Dan Kovalik graduated from Columbia University School of Law in 1993, and has served as a labor and human rights lawyer ever since. He has taught International Human Rights at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law since 2012. 

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