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Mazin Qumsiyeh's Dispatches from Palestine: Italy, Action, and More

Italy, Action, and More

by Mazin Qumsiyeh

July 7, 2018

Dear friends; I will be in Napoli and South Italy July 10-20 to give talks (on various topics) and support the Gaza freedom flotilla. If you are in Italy, please let me know if you can help with logistics (like arranging talk, hosting, etc).

I would like also to build relationships with museums and with universities especially on issues of biodiversity and environmental justice and human rights. Please forward this to any colleagues you know in Italy (especially south).

Israeli apartheid regime forces try to evict a Palestinian town. The Bedouins of Khan Al-Ahmar are being forcefully relocated to make way for new Israeli colonies on stolen Palestinian lands:

Mazin Qumsiyeh speaks at homecoming of Tree Of Life

Ariel Gold of Code Pink has a piece in The Forward writing about Israel's refusal to allow her entry:

A no man's land: Travelling around the West Bank after nine years:

An Initiative to End Division and Regain National Unity:

A "plague” of intermarriage or plague of racism that is embedded in Zionism:

Ten years have passed since boats landed in Gaza August 23, 2008. What happened to those brave souls since then? Five people who have died since 2008: Hedy Epstein, Darlene Wallach, Scott Kennedy, Sister Anne Montgomery and Vittorio Arrigoni:

Walter Brueggemann: Jesus Acted Out the Alternative to Empire:

EU to supply electricity to Israeli settlements:

Gas that rightfully belongs to the indigenous people and is stolen by the Israeli colonizers (e.g. off the coast of Gaza) will now be burned to create electricity for Cyprus and other EU countries as needed while keeping Gaza in the dark.


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