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R2P for J Pod: J50 Capture Plans

The Cruel J50 Capture Plans!

by LifeForce

September 12, 2018

Even if J50 ever was truly separated from her family they can reunite on their own or be reunited NOT captured. J50 distress calls would be heard up to 10 miles. That would also bring the family to J50 aid if being captured.

(Note: A BC Transient “Tumbo”, who suffers from scoliosis, has been separated and found his family on their own.).

If stranded on a beach the family may well be nearby for her to be refloated and reunited.

There are not any assurances that J50 would ever be released if captured. The Aquarium and research industry is not telling the whole story. It is part of their agenda to promote captivity!

The Springer case was different from that of J50. That young orca was somehow separated from her family who were not located. She was from Northern BC so needed help to get back to her family. Even then the Vancouver Aquarium wanted to keep her in a sea pen at their research station near Vancouver, BC. She would have been far from her home and chance at reuniting with her family. They asked but Lifeforce refused to support that cruel plan.

Similar attempts by NOAA Fisheries recently to help the Vaquita in Mexico resulted in a critically endangered Vaquita being captured and not surviving. There are lessons to be learned from that experience. (From Orca Network)

The Suffering

Lifeforce had reminded NOAA and DFO that this is J50’s family who just went through 17 days of mourning the death of another family member? It is unimaginable that they would even consider putting this pod through it all again!

Any proposed capture plans for the orca Scarlett/J50 would be cruel and presents a high risk of harm to her, her mom Slick/J16 and her family. This is the same family that with mom Tahlequah/J35 recently mourned the loss of her baby and carried the lifeless body for 17 days. Separating Scarlett and mom Slick would cause them unimaginable suffering. It would break a precious bond between them and their lifelong family.

A capture attempt could result in injuries and drowning. There is no guarantee that J50 would even survive the heartbreak, stress and captive experiments. Then the mother and family will never have any closure. That means more grief for this suffering family if captured. Being with family, not in an alien pen with humans, is the best “medicine” for any recovery. In Nature wildlife do pass on with their families but not torn apart from them. J50 is gravely ill so let them be!

Researchers claim a capture must be done because she is valuable for producing babies. Well J50 should be respected as an individual and not treated as a baby maker in an attempt to stop possible extinction caused by humans! But sadly there have not been any successful SRKW births since 2015 anyways. If Emergency Orders under the Canadian Species at Risk Act and in the US are not immediately implemented then further deaths will unfortunately continue. Endangered orcas will still be dying from illnesses caused by lack of food, boat traffic, pollution and more.

Sea World Funds Capture Plans

The young, sick orca J50 may be captured through a Sea World fund with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Sea World setup this fund to counter public opposition to captivity resulting from the Blackfish movie. The movie exposed the cruel captures and captivity of orcas including the Lifeforce footage of the tragic life of Tillicum.

The Vancouver Aquarium business deals with Sea World included beluga insemination experiments that led to many deaths. And if their pools are ever used again to imprison cetaceans for entertainment and experiments under the guise of “rescues” it would continue the free source of sentient whales and dolphins to supply aquariums worldwide!

J50 and others must never be exploited as "untapped resources" for “research tools” in cement prisons!

Spread the Word! Spread this Petition!

Save the Orca Families Now! Enact Emergency Measures Now!

The Upcoming NOAA Meetings are in the US Only

· Saturday, Sept. 15, at 7 p.m. in Friday Harbor at Friday Harbor High School

· Sunday, Sept. 16, at 1 p.m. in Seattle at University of Washington, Haggett Hall Cascade Room

You Can Contact the Canadian DFO at: Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson at

The Southern Resident Killer Whales are a transboundary species. They are not the property of the US. Canadians should be given all the facts to make an informed opinion against any capture. There should be a review committee with balance points of views – to present all the facts!

A large number of emails to NOAA have hopefully led to more public input and more government review of ill-conceived plans. Countless people worldwide have expressed their sadness over the mourning and continued plight of J Pod. Prominent orca researcher, Ken Balcomb, Center for Whale Research, also opposes the capture. Lifeforce has said:

And You Can Simply Tell them: “Stop the Cruel Capture Plans for Orca J50 and Family! And No Drugs in the Salmon!” By email at

More information at Lifeforce Ocean Friends:


News Release

September 12, 2018 

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