Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Epstein Going Down: Billionaire Pal to Billionaire Perverts in the Spotlight

Bringing Down Jeffrey Epstein

by Derrick Broze - The Conscious Resistance

(2018 Documentary)

[The Miami Herald today, (November 28, 2018) broke a major story on Jeffrey Epstein, billionaire friend and pimp to the establishment. 'Perversion of Justice' details how Epstein uses his connections and wealth to avoid paying for his many years of criminality. - Ape]

Corruption. It comes in many forms. Theft. Bribery. Lies. Sometimes this corruption can lead to powerful people getting away with crimes. Unfortunately, the American people have grown accustomed to seeing politicians and the wealthy get away with all sorts of criminal and immoral acts.

Where the average person might suffer a loss of reputation, monetary fines, or even jail time, the well-connected class are often able to weasel their way out

A perfect example of this corruption can be found in the disturbing tale of Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender and billionaire who thus far has escaped any major consequences for performing sexual acts on teenage girls.

Despite facing criminal charges a decade ago, Epstein was able to dodge any major repercussions and prison time. Now, with a federal lawsuit looming on the horizon, the truth about Epstein may finally see the light of day. To date, this lawsuit, and the chance to publicize the truth, offers the best chance at Bringing Down Jeffrey Epstein.

The Conscious Resistance Networks presents:

Bringing Down Jeffrey Epstein

Written by Derrick Broze, Edited and Produced by Jeremy Martin

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