Friday, July 22, 2005

Can't Take it Anymore?

Kurt Nimmo
Friday July 22nd 2005,
2:50 pm

Remember Howard Beale, in Sidney Lumet’s classic movie Network, screaming at the top of his lungs that he can’t take it anymore? Well, that’s how I feel about the corporate media these days, especially in the last few days, as the lies, distortions, and scary campfire stories about al-Qaeda gone wild spread unchecked like a nasty viral infection.

“An Al-Qaeda-linked group said today it carried out the latest attempted bomb attacks in London yesterday, warning it will not relent until all ‘infidel’ forces leave Iraq, according to an internet statement,” reports Forbes, a behemoth media corporation you’d think would know better.
In short, they will pull off ineffectual “suicide bombings” (spreading unidentified white powder and giving people asthma attacks) until the infidels are petrified—or stampeded into allowing the state to completely trash the Bill of Rights and set up an authoritarian dictatorship.

But let’s get serious here.

It appears the “terrorists” who “failed to detonate bombs” yesterday did so because they didn’t want to wreck more expensive mass transit machinery. In other words, the real “terrorists” (not the Stepford Muslim pasties) work for the state and there is no sense destroying more stuff unless absolutely necessary, especially considering how this would negatively impact the stockholders of Metronet (a consortium of corporations).
Government knows what side of its bread gets the butter. So it is off to al-Qaeda fairyland again with fallacious “internet statements” and the like. You’d think people would simply refuse to put up with this nonsense anymore. You’d think they’d throw open the windows and scream, like Howard Beale, they’re not going to take it anymore. Instead, there is a deafening silence, or at best an outraged murmur growing in the background.

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