Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pipeline Low Down from the Northeast

Hello all, I have just received information of a fourth pipeline bombing and the word is out that this is indeed likely an inside job!

To explain: The Tomslake Valley is prime land for drilling and all other facilities for the extraction, gathering and piping of the natural gas. Too many farms and other holdings are in the way of this expansion. So, the idea is to scare the population so that they will abandon their property.

And it is working!!

Several have already just up and left, others are becoming so terrified that they are planning on leaving. My son and his wife have planted their feet and said they will have to drag them off their land! This very same tactic was used in Alberta in several areas in order for the companies to claim all the property they wanted. Also, if any of you have read the entire story of Wiebo Ludwig and his fight with big oil you are well aware of how he was "set up" by the company and the police. Yes, Mr. Ludwig did some of the mischief but not all of it.

The police and company admitted to doing a number of things which was blamed on Ludwig. The bottom line is...this is very likely an inside job in order for big oil to obtain full control of the entire Tomslake area so it can be turned into a complete industrial site.

They have done it in Alberta, why not here?!!

And, is this just the start? There are other areas of the Peace that big oil would like to force the landowner off of. Until you see it for yourself, you have no conception of the scope of this industry and what they will do to gain control!

Leona G

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