Saturday, July 05, 2014

Solitary Confinement for Praying: Aid Doctor Rafil Dhafir Suffering Still Bush Era Terror Witch Hunt

Please make time to help Rafil

by Dr. Dhafir Support Committee

Rafil has sent a request for help and, although understated, it’s one of the strongest requests for help I’ve seen from him in 10 years of correspondence. He’s been in Special Housing Unit (SHU) since 6/18/14 for praying (that’s what the SHU manager, Mr. Ford told him).

He doesn’t have stamps, so can’t write (Bob Elmendorf of the support committee got Rafil’s request for help through lawyer Kathy Manley - thank you Kathy). Rafil feels it’s an attempt to frustrate his 2255 legal work. Please take time to respond to this request and please keep at it until you reach someone, if calling.


Dear All; today I received the letter below from Rafil dated 6/24/14 which was mailed by Kathy Manley an Albany attorney who has helped Rafil and many others. I tried to scan it but it came out too dim. I think if the committee members called the prison 978-796-1000 and wrote to the warden asking that Rafil be released from the SHU, it would be very helpful.

You must give Rafil Dhafir’s inmate locator number 11921-052 in your phone call or letter. Remember that Ken Freeland previously has told us that Rafil's case manager is Mr. (Brian) Cincotta (pronounced "sin-COT-tuh"), whom you can reach by calling the general number, pressing 0 because the matter concerns a prisoner, and asking to get connected to Mr. Cincotta.

 I just tried calling the prison 3 times this morning, but the same woman answered each time and said she couldn’t find out if Rafil was still in the SHU and to call back on Monday when they had a full staff.

Warden Jeffrey Grondowski
FMC Devens
P.O. Box 880
Ayer, MA 01432
fax (978) 796-1118

Thank you for any effort you can make,

Lana and I have worked 5 x 7 hour days straight, and many more to come as Lana is scheduled to leave the U.S. on the 16th July. We are still reviewing footage (much of it brilliant and a very good documentary is starting to take shape). It’s especially exciting as not only can we tell Rafil’s story powerfully, we also have good footage to link it in very well to the wider context (a few other cases, Project SALAM, and National Coalition for Protection of Civil Freedoms).

The problem is time: we are under pressure and I don’t sleep well when under pressure and being creative - last night I was up about 10 times scribbling down ideas, and although I got to bed around midnight, it was 4 a.m. before I got to sleep (two of the three previous nights, a similar story :O() But it’s still exciting because I started trying to make this documentary 8 years ago and we’re finally on the brink!

Lana and I are a formidable team: I have the knowledge and Lana has the know how. The timing is perfect as we should be able to show the movie before Rafil’s 2255 deadline in November, and it will raise awareness of his case at a very crucial time.

My best to everyone,

Never give in!

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