Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Big Orange Plays Green Card: Mulcair Woos Enviros, While Remaining Silent on Kinder Morgan "Assault" on BC

A Vote for the Mulcair NDP is a Vote for Kinder Morgan

by Ingmar Lee

Friends, as happens in every election, the NDP DEMAND for the Green vote is becoming increasingly shrill. But In spite of repeated, continual requests, - of my NDP MP, Nathan Cullen, and from other high-ranking members of the federal NDP, for a position statement, a policy, anything at all, regarding BC's current, most serious environmental calamity, - namely the Kinder Morgan ASSAULT on the province- and there is...utterly nothing, blank, nada.

Now that the tide has clearly turned on the Enbridge scheme, the federal NDP has discovered that fight and climbed on the bandwagon with its disingenuous "Save (only) Our (north) Coast" campaign, nevertheless the party remains perched firmly on the fence regarding Kinder Morgan. Mulcair even visited Vancouver during the height of the Burnaby Mountain uprising, where more than 100 people were arrested, - and said nothing.

If the NDP want the environmental vote in BC, they need to GET SOME SPINE, and state a position condemning the Kinder Morgan scheme. We, as a movement, need to DEMAND that they do so now.

Personally, being involved in the KM death-fight, I would prefer to fight the repulsive, hideous HarperKon regime, than a grovelling Big Oil-lackey COWARD like "Tom" Mulcair.

I'm not here stumping for the Green Party. In spite of my disgust for our pitiful, farcical, corrupt excuse for democracy, I would be prepared to vote NDP if they came out with the proper position on this scheme.

But we should not let our hatred of Stephen Harper allow us to elect just another Big Oil lackey like Mulcair.

Please, can we, as an environmental movement exert some pressure on the Mulcair NDP to condemn this atrocity that approaches our province?

Cheers, Ingmar

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