Sunday, July 02, 2017

Coups Soft and Hard in Venezuela

Venezuelan Opposition Largely Responsible for the Rising Death Toll and Violence in Venezuela


July 2, 2017

Violence flared up again in Venezuela on Wednesday and Thursday when at least seven people were killed in 48 hours. The opposition has been calling for a new wave of protests and street blockades throughout the country, enticing and escalating the violence that the government is responding to. These renewed protests are also taking place just days after President Maduro said that he had foiled a coup attempt on the day that a police officer stole a police helicopter and dropped grenades and fired shots at the building of a supreme court.

While this is going on, the National Electoral Council is engaged in preparations for a national constituent assembly to rewrite the constitution. Delegates will be elected on July 30th. The opposition, though, has vowed to boycott the vote. Joining us for an update on these and other recent developments in Venezuela is Lucas Koerner. Lucas is a writer for the website and a master student at Venezuela's Institute for Advanced Studies. 

Lucas Koerner of says the death toll and violence are on the rise but according to the Attorney General's reports more of these deaths are being instigated and attributed to opposition supporters

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