Sunday, June 10, 2018

Shaming the OAS: Attempts to Expel Venezuela Backfire

Embarrassing Defeat for the U. S. in Its Efforts to Expel Venezuela from the OAS


June 10, 2018

At the OAS nineteen member states voted in favor, four against and eleven abstained when the US tried to have Venezuela sanctioned. US will not hesitate to bear tremendous pressure on member countries to get its way in Latin America.

We speak to CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot about the vote and how it came about.

“The aggression against Venezuela is brutal – it’s economic, it’s financial, it’s commercial, it’s political, it’s in the media. And, we’re going to keep moving forward.” […]
“It is (up to) our people to elect their president, not (other) governments, not the United States, not any international institution that elects the president of Venezuela. The President of Venezuela is called Nicolas Maduro Moros and he was elected with 68 percent of popular support in the elections on May 20. And we demand recognition only from our own people. It doesn’t matter to us if the United States or any other nation here recognizes us or doesn’t.” […]
“We are an independent nation, a free, sovereign nation and no empire will step foot in Venezuelan territory and impede the Venezuelan people from fulfilling their will, fulfilling their democracy and fulfilling their destiny of freedom. Thank you very much.” - Venezuela’s foreign minister Jorge Arreaza

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